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A Covered Patio Or An Open Patio – Which Is Better?

One of the key advantages of the Australian climate is being able to relax and entertain outdoors when the weather is fine. Adding a roof to your patio can extend your entertaining area, as well as add comfort and protection to really make the most of it. Leaving it open, however, allows you to really take in the sun and even grow plants. This leads many people to question whether an open or a covered patio is the best choice for their home.


Covered Patio

There are a number of advantages and disadvantages associated with the addition of a covered patio to your property, including:

• Pro – It can provide your space with protection from the sun and harmful ultraviolet rays. With awareness of the dangers of prolonged sun exposure on the rise, it is important to protect your family at all costs.

• Con – Depending on the type of roof you have selected, you might find that the patio covers is quite dark. The good news is that this can be countered by using clear polycarbonate sheeting.

• Pro – It can provide your space with protection from rain and wind. This is especially useful during the winter (when these weather events are most prevalent), but also for showers at other times of the year.

• Con – The addition of a roof provides you with something extra to maintain. You need to ensure that the roof sheets are kept clean and free of debris (such as tree branches) to prevent damage.

• Pro – It can improve the temperature of the space. The roof can trap and retain warmth generated by outdoor heaters during the winter, as well as block heat from penetrating through during the summer.

Open Patio
There are also advantages and disadvantages associated with adding an open patio to your backyard, including:

• Pro – It allows you to completely enjoy the sun, from warmth to light, when the weather is fine. Roofs have a tendency to make the space feel a little cooler and darker than they would otherwise.

• Con – You won’t be provided with any protection from the elements. You risk sunburn or heatstroke during the summer and getting soaked or chilled during the winter. None of these things are comfortable.

• Pro – It allows you to place plants on the patio without fear that they will be killed off. Plants need sunlight and water in order to thrive – too much shade could actually lead to their premature death.

• Con – Your outdoor furniture and appliances won’t be provided with any protection from the elements, which can lead to premature wear. You may find that upholstery needs to be replaced regularly.

• Pro – It provides you with the ability to use gas heaters and barbeques as close to your home as you would like. Some of these appliances should not be used undercover, as they need ample ventilation.

We hope that the information outlined above has enabled you to determine whether an open or a covered patio will best meet your needs. Although we highly recommend covered designs for the simple reason that they make the patio more usable year round, we do understand that this may not be the best choice for everyone. At the end of the day, there is no right or ring answer – you need to weigh up the pros and cons for yourself.

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